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Helsa Keeps Going And Going.

golf brittany

Have you ever played golf in Brittany? No, as a matter of fact I haven't. Well, you are about to because we're going to France! When? Next month, for the holidays. Wow, and you didn't tell me? No, I wanted it to be a surprise, but now I can tell you since it's all booked. Great, I really can't wait. Well, knowing you, you might want to start packing as soon as possible as it usually takes a while for you to pack. Ha, ha, very funny! No, I mean it, seriously, you should start packing. For real? Yes, ...


Today I'm off from work. It will be a nice sunny day. Not too warm. So a perfect day for gardening. My great passion and hobby. Today I'm planning to remove a couple a trees from the backyard. They take away a lot of sun. And will give some extra fire wood for coming winter as well. I think I can do it by myself. At least I hope so. Because renting a specialized company for doing the job is expensive. I will use my old climbing gear to get myself to the top. After that, I will slowly work ...


Childhood asthma is quite a common thing nowadays. Allergies is something most people have and with allergies sometimes asthma appears. For some children they grow out of both their allergies and somethings their asthma. But for those who have to suffer with asthma in their adulthood there are a lot of medical treatment they can get. For children there are a lot of help they can get to be able to run around like normal kids without having trouble breathing. Medicine these days help a lot of people today.